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Steve Scalise, House Minority Worm, Uses Disabled Person For Gain and Pleasure

I might, might, be just calmed down enough to address what GOP Rep. Steve Scalise did to Ady Barken, activist and fellow person with ALS. But only just.If you have not seen or read about this yet, Ady Barken interviewed Vice President and Democratic nominee for President Joe Biden in a piece that was used …

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Who Is Expendable?

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges our notions of how “normal” life works. Work-at-home, virtual education and social distancing are giving our entire population a taste of how everyday life functions for many of the USA’s nearly 60 million people with disabilities. What typical people are unable to share in, however, is the way people with disabilities …

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This day is the 35th anniversary of the day Suzanne walked down the center aisle of her church, every step closer bringing her another step more beautifully in view as I waited in front of the altar. The 35th anniversary of when we, publically and within the ancient structure of liturgical worship of a God …

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Home Health Care Roulette

You know, families dealing with a loved one with significant medical challenges have enough on their plates. First comes navigating the healthcare system for diagnoses and treatment, then comes the nightmare of trying to pay for said diagnoses and treatment and medicine. And let’s not, please, minimize the emotional toll of simply having a loved one with …

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