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Administration: For the ADA, Speak Softly and Carry a Tickle Feather

The Department of Justice has settled a lawsuit against Atlantis Events, Inc. for violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Atlantis Events packages and sells cruise vacations to many of the world’s most desirable destinations. It also has a history of overt and public discrimination, going so far as advertising on their website which type

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A View From Sweden

Since The Great Pumpkin brought up the “horrible” thing that did (not) happen in Sweden a few nights ago, my Swedish friend who lives in Sweden (just so we’re clear) and I have been trading emails about the immigrant situation there. Sweden has long had a very welcoming policy toward refugees and immigrants, to the

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We Don’t Need No Education?

Betsy DeVoss, billionaire by birth and a not-worker, not-educator, not-administrator and not-businessperson, had just squeaked by to become head of the Department of Education when Republicans offered up a bill to eliminate the Department. To justify this, they invoked the usual incantations of transferring curriculum and spending decisions to the states. Said the bill’s author,

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The Value Of Life

This will be hard. This may be controversial. This is certainly radical thinking and may spark arguments, but today I am going to write something that is truly central to who I am.My last post was trolled for sympathizing with people being barred from entering the country. A few days ago I saw an interview

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