Steve Heronemus


This day is the 35th anniversary of the day Suzanne walked down the center aisle of her church, every step closer bringing her another step more beautifully in view as I waited in front of the altar. The 35th anniversary of when we, publically and within the ancient structure of liturgical worship of a God who is both beyond us and with us, vowed to spend the length of our days in love for one another. Suzanne could never have conceived of how now nearly half of our 35 years have been affected by a dreadful disease. She could have never expected that the man who stood, waiting for her at the end of that aisle has not been able to stand unassisted for 10 years or that the voice she heard promise to love and honor her forever has been gone for almost as long. And yet! And still! Suzanne loves me. Through 35 years of my mistakes, my immaturity and blatant stupidity along with my disease, she is always at my side. Not a day goes by that she has not taught me to be a better human being. She embodies a grace born not out of duty or obligation, but out of real and true love. I love you, Suzanne, and I promise to continue loving, honoring, and respecting you as best I can. And I hope we have another 35 years together.