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“Music brings a rush of oxygen to my life and blows the clouds away, revealing all the beauty, joy and wonderment of creation for me to behold. I might be able to survive without music, but only with music can I truly live.” ~Steve Heronemus

About the Author

Steve played dozens of instruments, but horn is his soul. He is a Beethoven fangeek, very amateur critic and owner of an impossibly eclectic recording collection. 

Beethoven: “Missa Solemnis”

Ludwig van B. spent the final years of his life composing 7 things – his 5 late string quartets (Well, 5 ¼, but that’s for another post.), the epic Symphony No. 9, and the equally epic Mass, Missa Solemnis. The Maestro is said to have lifted up the String Quartet...

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Elegy for a Reluctant Rock Star

A classically trained, virtuoso, superlative showman whose first four albums were all top-20 sellers. An acclaimed rock star who rejected that accolade, who never listened to rock music, who preferred jazz and classical. A composer of symphonies, piano concertos, movie soundtracks, and legendary rock epics. Keith Emerson is dead.Emerson, who mastered...

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Les Miserables 25th Anniversary in Concert

Let’s get this over with at the top. Alfie Boe is the best musical theatre tenor. I could wax on about breath control, pitch accuracy, diction, and tone, but, whatever. Only one word is needed: Perfection.I realize I’m late in writing this, for which I can only plead a lack...

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ELP Brain Salad Surgery SACD

I’m going to ignore the actual meaning of the title and focus on just the brain salad part. My brain’s tossed. The SACD release (within a 3 disc collector’s set) of Brain Salad Surgery is one spectacular effort, elevating the already-legendary album to the top of my playlist.PictureFrom the iconic...

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My Favorite Rock SACDs

To go along with my post on getting back to quality, high-fidelity listening, here are my favorite rock recordings on Super Audio CD, in no particular order: 

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Let’s Go Back to Quality

They’re everywhere. Those little white earbuds show up on joggers, bicyclists, commuters, and the breakfast table. Follow the cords down from the ears and you’ll soon find the other end plugged into some little digital device the size of a few playing cards holding 5000 ultra low-fi songs. That is...

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Beethoven’s 9th Through My Ears

The Symphony emerged from the Baroque period as a grand form of composition suited for wealthy courts that could gather and afford to pay a large number and variety of musicians.  It was developed and standardized during the classical period, particularly with Mozart, who wrote more than 40 symphonies, and...

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