Steve Heronemus

How Much Does Your Lowest-paid Worker Earn, Rush?

This just in: Rush Limbaugh becomes expert in behavioral psychology, the Seattle job market and what’s inside Gravity CEO Dan Price’s head all in one week.Forbes

To review, on April 15 I posted how Dan Price, owner of the firm, chose to cut his $1 million salary to 70k and made 70k the minimum salary for all employees. He wants employees to be happy and to be able to focus more on work and less on how to pay their bills. In other words, Mr. Price is doing justice for his workers.q
But Rush can’t let Mr. Price run his private business the way he wants or according to his own values. He claims that employees earning such an exorbitant salary will deter productivity.  He said “Happiness equals comfort. “Seventy grand, well, I can stop working hard,” is what it means.” So, Rush, if 70 large makes one too comfortable to work hard, what does that say about your $80 million a year? Apparently comfortable enough to move to Palm Beach to avoid paying state income tax and make a lazy living reading headlines and spouting insults.
I’m particularly perturbed by Mr. Limbaugh’s naked hypocrisy. The Grand Seer of liberty and free markets can’t stomach the idea that a person he calls “Liberal” understands that relatively high pay and engendering loyalty helps attract and retain high quality talent in the FREE LABOR MARKET.  In fact he calls such naked private, entrepreneurial, job-creating, independent decision-making “socialism.” He also hopes (like he did with President Obama) that Gravity Payments fails, that 120 people lose their jobs, just so he can be right. 
Mr. Limbaugh gives no credit to Gravity Payments employees who might just have earned their way by helping a start-up to profitability. He belittles their happiness at having a little more economic freedom. He excoriates a CEO for uplifting the people helping him earn a living. All this from a man whose main experience in uplifting someone’s economic condition lies in marrying, then divorcing, a radio station sales secretary, a stadium usherette and an aerobics instructor. Perhaps his excuse for his failed marriages is that they got a little money and became unproductive.