Steve Heronemus

Hey, Rudy, Colonialism is Bad!

“America’s Mayor” Rudy Giuliani went on another anti-Obama rant last week at a non-campaign campaign event for Wisconsin Governor and possible 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker. Giuliani accused President Obama of, among other things, not loving America and being anti-colonialist. Although that’s not Obama’s fault, according to Rudy. He just grew up with the the...

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Father’s Day Lament

What to do this Fathers’ Day? I grieve for the children who have lost their fathers.I grieve for the fathers who did not live to see their children blossom as adults.I grieve for mothers left to raise children without help.I grieve for the fathers who have given their lives over to hate.I grieve especially for...

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Who Is Expendable?

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges our notions of how “normal” life works. Work-at-home, virtual education and social distancing are giving our entire population a taste of how everyday life functions for many of the USA’s nearly 60 million people with disabilities. What typical people are unable to share in, however, is the way people with disabilities...

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