Steve Heronemus

Rauner Budget Punishes the Disabled

New Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner has made a mission of “fixing” the state’s budget, and we have just seen who he expects to pick up the load. He’s not tapping the wealthy, the corporations or even the middle class, he’s going after that well-known, entitled, deep-pocketed class called the Disabled. 
Rauner’s budget eliminates subsidies for regional and local train travel and reduces the money for federally-mandated local bus service for the disabled by $8.5 million. Meanwhile the Harley-riding governor proposes free motorcycle safety courses for $11.8 million.
Prices for a wheelchair-accessible minivan START at $50,000 and most disabled people are on a fixed income. Speaking as a person living with ALS and in a powerchair full-time, this budget would isolate the disabled, make some unemployed, eliminate access to major medical clinics in Chicago and exclude us from participating in the life of our metro community. 

This is an unjust budget. I ask you to contact the Governor and your elected state legislators to voice your disapproval.