Steve Heronemus

Family with ALS Needs Help

This is a heart-rending situation.This husband and father, diagnosed with ALS in 2013, is a citizen of Togo but in the U.S. legally. Because of his status he cannot get health care services in Utah where he and his family live and he is ineligible for Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security Disability Income.
The wife and mother, a U.S. citizen, can’t afford to take care of him and herself and their toddler son, so they believe their only option is to send him back to Togo, where he has more family but ZERO health care. Mom and son are going to Togo for a short while but cannot stay; if the man dies while they are in-country she will be forced to marry one of her husband’s brothers or father.
Does anyone have contacts in the Salt Lake City area that will provide free health care or hospice services? We’ve tried several avenues without success. If you can help, please contact me.